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Practival Dumpers 18-40hp

Practival Dumpers tractor 18-40hp


The 4WD palm tractors are main for palm oil platation ,they  are  specially design for the palm oil plant , main for kinds of transport ,  especially in the paddy mud land.


1.4wd Oil palm fruit
2.suit for mud land and mountain land transport
3.suit for wood ,banboo ,oil palm ,ore transport

Our  the Practival Dumpers tractor are main for kinds of transport  ,  especially in the mud land for the oil palm, and so on.
Can load 1000kgs  and 2500kgs , can lift and unload

1000kgs Practival Dumpers tractor



 2500kgs  Practival Dumpers tractor
2500 model_副本.jpg